02/09/2010 01:23

OASIS ODF 1.2 interop demo

At the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary, eight independent implementations of the Open Document Format (ODF) will be orchestrated in a real-world scenario to demonstrate the value of an independent, open document file format.  Hosted by… Read more
31/08/2010 07:10

OOoCon 2010

The 10th International Conference commemorates the 10th anniversary of the software. The event serves as a platform for developers and small and larger-scale businesses. The Conference addresses a range of topics crucial to… Read more
27/04/2010 09:00

Handreiking open documentstandaarden voor de overheid

Op 27 april 2010 is de ‘Handreiking open documentstandaarden voor de overheid’ (PDF, 1,2 MB) verschenen, een publicatie met als doel om organisaties, en hun bestuurders, te helpen om te snappen hoe open standaarden voor documenten (ODF, PDF/A-1 en… Read more
31/03/2010 00:00

Thirty worldwide experts to discuss at Granada the future of electronic documents

> Press release -- Madrid, March 31th, 2010 .-- The ODF Plugfest international congress will take place at the University of Granada from April 15th to 17th. The most important companies in software development will meet with public entities… Read more

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