01/06/2011 22:59

OpenOffice.org goes to Apache Software Foundation

Oracle has announced today that it will donate the software code of the OpenOffice.org project to the Apache Software Foundation. The Apache Software foundation provides organizational, legal, and financial support for a broad range of open source software projects - including the worlds leading web server in market share, but also other well known open source projects like Hadoop, HBase, Lucene and Spamassassin.

OpenDoc Society congratulates the Apache Software Foundation with its newest incubator project. "We are excited to hear that the OpenOffice.org source code is now available under both LGPLv3 and the Apache license," says Michiel Leenaars, board member of OpenDoc Society. "This will increase the choice at the supply side and will help to both consolidate and speed up development efforts in this area. Also, the mature processes and the multistakeholder effort within the Apache Software Foundation will give OpenOffice.org a solid basis for the future."

The code to OpenOffice.org was already available under another free software license, the LGPLv3. However, due to the fact that Oracle (and prior to that Sun Microsystems) holds the original rights to the software, Oracle has the freedom to relicense that software under any other type of agreement it chooses to. The availability of another license (the Apache 2.0 license) should make it easier for companies to modify and integrate the code into their own products.