22/06/2015 21:30

Nederlander Jos van den Oever gekozen tot co-chair ODF TC

Jos van den Oever is the new co-chair of the Open Document Format Technical Committee within OASIS, the technical body that determines the key standards for the interoperability of office applications.Van den Oever works for the Dutch Ministry of the Interior. The other co-chair is Patrick Durusau, who is also one of the editors of the standard.

As a renowned technical expert, architect and software engineer, Van den Oever lauded for his broad expertise in the field. He has been part of the ODF technical committee since 2006, although he was involved with ODF before that. During his career he has been a key factor in numerous open source projects, such as WebODF, Calligra, KOffice, KDE and Strigi.

Van den Oever's appointment followed an offical election within the ODF TC after Oliver-Rainer Wittman announced that he would step down as co-chair at the end of last month. Wittman is an IBM Advisory Software Engineer with a long career working for SUN Microsystems and Oracle. On behalf of the ODF community, we want to thank Oliver-Rainer for his hard work and important contributions over the years.