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28/03/2015 00:59 puts ODF Guidance online

The UK government has selected ODF as the standard for editable office documents to be used across government. In order to assist the public and private sector with this major transition, it has published the first installment of a series of guidance docu… Read more
24/10/2014 14:14

Tenth ODF plugfest in London

Earlier this year the UK Cabinet Office officially adopted the Open Document Format as the office format of choice.The international document file format standard is expected to be used across all government bodies for sharing or collaborating on governme… Read more
15/10/2014 11:30

OpenDoc Society collaborates with UK Cabinet Office

OpenDoc Society has signed an agreement to work together with the Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) of the UK Government Digital Service (GDS) to help the UK government migrate to OpenDocument Format . OCTO's goal is to equip government wit… Read more
23/07/2014 22:10

New co-chair of ODF TC

The ODF Technical Committee at OASIS has elected Oliver-Rainner Wittmann as its new co-Chair, joining Patrick Durusau. Mr. Wittmann is an employee of IBM and as erstwhile employee of SUN Microsystems has been a longstanding member of the ODF TC. Wittman i… Read more

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